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How we work

At Go Organic - Nature Farms, we are committed to support Organic cultivation to protect farmers, our planet and you.

Our organic products are cultivated without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. We employ traditional farming methods that sustain the nutritive value of food without subjecting the crop to chemical warfare. Go Organic - Nature Farms seeks to introduce harmony in the way we eat, live and interact with our environment.

We have over …. local farmers who we personally train and work with to ensure sustainable farming methods and good quality of produce.

Our fresh vegetables harvested on Thursday, are taken from the farm to our state of the art packing center in Avissawella. We start cleaning, sorting and grading in the next few hours to avoid compromising on any nutritional value or taste. The cleaned vegetables are then packed according to individual orders and brought to Colombo in a dedicated vehicle and then distributed to our customers.

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